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Missed one of our presentations? We have got you covered, you can download them here.

  • March 2021: HARMONY was presented at the first UCL MaaSLab guest lecture by Michiel be Bok from TU Delft and Significance. His presentation focused on the application of the HARMONY freight simulator in Rotterdam
  • March 2021: HARMONY was presented during the webinar “Planning multimodal mobility in cities and regions: HARMONY Model Suite” jointly organised by ERCI and Railgrup. Manos Chaniotakis (UCL, MaaSLab) presented the HARMONY Model Suite supporting a new generation of urban and transport planners, especially during this time of COVID-19, as the HARMONY survey highlighted (Christina Georgouli, UCL MaaS Lab). The role of SMEs (Vicent Pastor, ENIDE) and their cooperation and networking with local authorities (Annarita Leserri, ENIDE) are keys to this end.  
  • December 2020: HARMONY organised the first stakeholder engagement workshop “Mobility as a Service” in Turin on 17th December 2020. The workshop activities included a presentation by Urban Lab on MaaS and a presentation by TRT on the HARMONY case study in Turin
  • December 2020: HARMONY organised the virtual workshop “Flying taxis? Drones as a component of modern urban mobility” with Metropolia GZM and UCL MaaS Lab on 15th December 2020. The co-creation lab activities included a presentation from UCL on Urban Air Mobility and a presentation from GZM on its upcoming SUMP.
  • December 2020: HARMONY organised its first webinar “Managing the unexpected: SUMPs and new mobility services during COVID-19” to present the project’s initial findings and to explore whether new mobility stakeholders’ requirements have arisen, especially due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Have a look at the presentations in Session 1 and Session 2 of the webinar.
  • October 2020 – HARMONY was presented during the CIVITAS ELEVATE Evaluation Coordination Group meeting on 22nd October 2020 by Tariq van Rooijen from TNO. His presentation focused on HARMONY evaluation activities.
  • October 2020 – HARMONY participated in the Urban Mobility Days 2020 (UMD 2020) with the session “Challenges and opportunities for Urban Air Mobility”. The coordinator Maria Kamargianni from UCL presented the project drone demonstrations in three metropolitan areas.
  • September 2020 – HARMONY was presented during European Transport Conference (ECT) 2020 on 9th September 2020. Michiel de Bok and Sebastiaan Thoen from Significance; Lori Tavasszy and Ioanna Kourounioti from TU Delft presented the HARMONY tactical freight simulator, whereas Francesca Fermi from TRT focused on HARMONY Model Suite.
  • May 2020 – HARMONY was presented during CIVITAS ELEVATE Evaluation Webinar on 8th May 2020 by Amalia Polydoropoulou and Ioannis Tsouros from the University of the Aegean, Tariq van Rooijen and Eleni Charoniti from TNO. Their presentation focused on the HARMONY evaluation approach in the six metropolitan areas.
  • March 2020 – HARMONY was presented at Go Mobility 2020 by David Quesada from ENIDE in Irun, Spain on 11th March 2020. His presentation Harmony gave an overview of the objectives and expected outcomes of the project.
  • November 2019 – HARMONY’s first cross-metropolitan workshop focused on stakeholder requirements. Find here the presentations given by the partners during this interesting day in Rotterdam, NL.
  • October 2019 – HARMONY was presented at CIVITAS 2019 by Francesc Rosinés from ENIDE on 3rd October 2019. His presentation Holistic approach for providing Spatial & Transport Planning Tools and Evidence to metropolitan and regional authorities to lead a sustainable transition to a new Mobility Era provided an overview of the objectives and expected outcomes of the project.
  • September 2019 – HARMONY was presented at Thessaloniki International Fair by Nellie Tzivelou from OASA. Her presentation Holistic Approach for Providing Spatial & Transport Planning Tools and Evidence to Metropolitan and Regional Authorities to Lead a Sustainable Transition to a New Mobility Era focused on the HARMONY pilot in Athens.
  • June 2019 – HARMONY was presented at SIL Barcelona by Annarita Leserri from ENIDE on 27th June 2019. Her presentation HARMONY gave an overview of the objectives and expected outcomes of the project. Conference