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Turin – Italy


Turin is located in the western part of the Po Plain, is the fourth Italian metropolitan area by population and the third by complex economic production.

HARMONY in Turin


  • Engage and work with stakeholders and citizens in co-creation labs;
  • Collect primary data to understand the social acceptance for new mobility technologies and services;
  • Apply the model suite;
  • Support the SUMP update and the med- and long term planning for Turin city and its surrounding areas.

The Turin municipality pursues the goal of rebalancing the demand for transport between collective and individual, in order to reduce congestion and improve the accessibility to the various urban functions. The SUMP of the Turin municipality in 2010 has been designed to embrace this vision, that is likely to be continued in the new SUMP, covering the whole metropolitan area, which is currently under definition and planned to be presented in 2021.

The Turin pilot goals within the HARMONY project are focused on the territorial impacts generated by the new public transport infrastructure (such as the new metro line) and the new MaaS mobility paradigm on the Turin Urban Functional Area, with particular reference to its integration with the Metropolitan Railway System (known as SFM).

Furthermore, the HARMONY MS could be used to simulate some of the specific strategies and scenarios of the new SUMP of the Metropolitan City of Turin. In this sense, the engagement of stakeholders is in progress and the topics mentioned above would be integrated by the outcome of the co-creation labs. The upcoming co-creation labs will focus on two main aspects:

  • analysing the Turin mobility in the wider context of the city’s emerging trends and vision for the future,
  • exploring the potential opportunities offered by the MaaS mobility paradigm from various points of view.

So far, the key stakeholder engagement moments allowed addressing the definition of the scope of the Turin pilot, as well as the interactions related to data collection and modelling applications. In addition, the synergies with other projects allowed taking part in several meetings with stakeholders related to the MaaS paradigm, namely aiming to define technical and commercial requirements of service providers to be part of a test case of MaaS platform in the municipality of Turin.

So far, the meetings involved taxi, e-scooter sharing and motorcycle sharing services.
During November and early December 2020, co-creation labs in the form of interviews with stakeholders and focus groups have taken place.

The second topic concerns the MaaS paradigm, exploring the subjects involvement (service providers, MaaS operator and users) and the feasibility in the Turin context. In this sense, synergies with other on-going projects in Turin have been identified. Within HARMONY, stakeholders will be involved in on-line focus groups to discuss this topic.