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Harmony’s vision is to enable metropolitan area authorities to lead a sustainable transition to a low-carbon new mobility era. Our spatial and multimodal transport planning tools will update the Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans of the future.

what are we up to?

Project Updates

Implementation scope

In 5 different countries

Implementation scope

HARMONY is demonstrating electric automated vehicles (AVs) and drones in real-life conditions integrating them with the traditional transport modes to understand the requirements, reactions, barriers and collect real-world data. AVs and drones data will be combined with telecom, socio-cultural, economic, spatial, and environmental data to derive thorough information to feed regional SUMPs. Find out how we are integrating and demonstrating electric AVs and drones in OxfordshireRotterdam and Trikala

environmental impact

Sustainability matters

We are committed to advancing sustainable mobility towards a safer and healthier life in our cities and regions. During its lifetime, HARMONY aims to:

- 0 %
Reduce congestion
- 0 %
reduce noise level
+ 0 %
Increase trips with lower emissions
+ 0 %
Increase intermodality

20 partners from 9 different countries