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Total success at trainings and demonstrations #HarmonyH2020!

  • Harmony 

October and November were our busy months as we launched HARMONY MS trainings and demos:

📍5 CITIES: Delft, Athens, London, Katowice, Turin
✔️3 Training Courses
✔️3 Metropolitan Demos

The HARMONY training 2-day workshop is designed to train the new generation of spatial and transport planners, while the HARMONY 1-day demo targets those who are directly involved in urban and transport planning in the cities, specifically focusing on achieving a zero-emission zone.

During our tour in Europe, the attendees had the opportunity to learn from experts about the advantages of Harmony´s Spatial and Transport Planning Tools for a new mobility era.

OVERVIEW - HARMONY MS training in Europe!





1). Full house at the TUD - Delft University of Technology!

Our first stop was at the 📍Delft University of Technology (TUD) in the Netherlands with 37 registered attendees! 

Training leaders:

2). National Technical University of Athens: the second stop

Our next stop was at 📍the National Technical University of Athens with 40 registered attendees! 

Training leaders: 

3). UCL - University College London training was ´sold out´ in no time!

Our European HARMONY MS training tour ended at 📍UCL – University College London with 47 registered attendees!

Training leader: 

Gallery overview - HARMONY MS demos in Europe!

📍Katowice, Turin and London

Demo leaders:


What, who and why? 

  • The presentation and discussion of international mobility projects was the subject of a meeting held at the headquarters of the Metropolis GZM. The meeting was attended by more than 20 representatives of the cities and municipalities of the GZM from the areas of transport and urban planning, environmental protection and crisis management, as well as experts associated with international consortia. 
  • In Turin, the content and objective were a bit broader in than in Katowice, as the agenda provided a mix of training and demo experience. There were around 25 attendees.

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