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HARMONY workshop during the European Mobility Week in Turin

  • Harmony 

On the occasion of the EU Mobility Week, Harmony hosted a workshop (in-person and streaming) in Turin on Monday, September 19th, to discuss passenger mobility habits and key transport topics in the Turin metropolitan area.  

The event has been organised by Torino Urban Lab in collaboration with the City of Turin, Infra.To and 5T. Angelo Martino from TRT, as part of the HARMONY project, presented the results of the passenger mobility survey performed in February 2022 with the MobyApp smartphone application.  

What is the European Mobility Week?

EUROPEAN MOBILITY WEEK is the European Commission’s flagship awareness-raising campaign on sustainable urban mobility. It promotes behavioural change in favour of active mobility, public transport, and other clean, intelligent transport solutions.

The EUROPEAN MOBILITY WEEK 2022 annual theme was ‘Better connections’, highlighting and fostering synergies between people and places that are offering their expertise, creativity and dedication to raising awareness about sustainable mobility. 

Why did HARMONY participate?

How do the people of Turin get around? It is the question that researchers discussed by sharing and analising the results of the survey. 

The results of the survey passenger mobility survey performed in February 2022 with the MobyApp smartphone application were presented in this workshop.

The survey involved more than 550 individuals aged 18 to 65 years old, tracking their trips during a period from 4 to 7 days, and filling questionnaires on their mobility habits. The study area where the users have been selected is the Functional Urban Area of Turin, including 88 municipalities. Within the survey, about 10,200 hours of travel data have been recorded related to about 19,000 trips. 

A panel discussion on the results of the survey and the key transport topics for the Turin metropolitan area has been moderated by Luca Staricco (Politecnico di Torino), involving as stakeholders Licia Nigrogno (Agenzia Mobilità Piemontese), Massimo Ciuffini (Osservatorio Sharing Mobility), Paolo Ruffino (Decisio), Diego Vezza (Consulta Mobilità). 

The event has been complemented by focusing on crucial topics for the Turin metropolitan area. On one hand the Maas implementation, with a description of the results of the on-going project and demo ‘Buoni di mobilità’ by Maurizio Veronese (5T) and Matteo Antoniola (5T), on the other hand the new transport infrastructures projects i.e., the new metro line 2 and the tram line 12 – presented by Paolo Mazzoleni (Città di Torino) and Amerigo Strozziero (Città di Torino). 

If you want to expand this information and see all findings, you can read and download the results in English here.

Relive the workshop here. You can enable subtitles on YouTube options.

Have a look at the presentation HERE

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