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HARMONY survey: the drone deliveries game

  • Harmony 

HARMONY recently launched a survey to explore the users’ preferences on drone deliveries. The uses cases presented in the survey came out through the HARMONY co-creation activities, especially in GZM. 

The survey is available in English, Polish, Greek, Spanish and Chinese. Play the drone deliveries game with HARMONY, it takes less than 10 minutes!

Drone deliveries: what are your preferences?

There are several concepts for drone deliveries. This game presents several scenarios where drones deliver goods. Drones may deliver goods within cities, to rural areas or villages. They may or may not be certified. They may deliver food, mail, organs, blood, or they may simply be used for surveillance. Drones may be noisy or quiet. They may deliver goods to you or to your neighbours.

HARMONY is demonstrating electric automated vehicles and drones in real-life conditions integrating them with the traditional transport modes to understand the requirements, reactions, barriers and collect real-world data.

You can find more information about about our activities in six European cities and regions. You can further follow us on Twitter & LinkedIn. Please feel free to email us if you have any questions.