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HARMONY Plenary Meeting 2022

Harmony gives a new step towards return of presential activities with the latest London consortium meeting.

Covid-19 gave us a break and finally, HARMONY partnership could meet each other physically in London, last March 2022. The event had an hybrid format as well so partners of all WP and tasks were able to attend and participate.

The primary interest of the project partners was not only to guarantee the safety of the HARMONY partners present there and still working from home to achieve the project objectives

After a cheerful welcome, the Project members made a general review of all the work done to the date, going carefully one by one on each work package. The HARMONY partners also discussed new risks derived from the two-year crisis on the Project and on urban and regional mobility in Europe since the confinement showed the great potentiality of HARMONY Model Suite, but the project keeps its main focus and the timeline to be able to achieve Model Suite. 


What is next for HARMONY?

Aside from the news and updates that each part of the process entails in the Universities and cities, Hamorny is in the home stretch, with less than a year left for the completion of the project, the development of the Model Suite and the training of both policy makers and professional Modelers.

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