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HARMONY launch event

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The HARMONY consortium met in June 2019 in London.
The HARMONY consortium met in June 2019 in London.

The whole consortium gathered for the kick-off meeting at UCL in London, UK, on 5th and 6th June. After a general overview of the project by the coordinator Dr Maria Kamargianni, each member of the consortium introduced its work package and explained its role within the project. Furthermore, the consortium had the pleasure of hosting the project officer from the European Commission, Dr Octavia Stepan, who underlined the meaningful impact Harmony will produce in addressing travelling demand and CO2 reduction at a regional level.

The meeting was followed by the public launch event on 7th June. It was structured in three main panels of experts, each one focusing on a different aspect: innovation proposed by industries, challenged faced by urban authorities, spatial and transport planning. Finally, a cross-session discussion wrapped up the event and shed some light into future developments.

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