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HARMONY at TRB Annual Meeting

  • Harmony 

MaasLab presented the HARMONY advances at the 101st TRB Annual Meeting on January 10th 2022 in Washington, D.C., United States. 


What is TRB Annual Meeting?

TRB Annual Meeting is the largest gathering of the Transportation Research Board. It gathers members of the Government, industry, and research professionals. 

The Transportation Research Board (TRB) provides leadership in transportation improvements and innovation through trusted, timely, impartial, and evidence-based information exchange, research, and advice regarding all modes of transportation.

The meeting covered all transportation modes with hundreds of sessions and workshops related to a variety of topics including COVID-19, the environment, infrastructure, the supply chain, and this year’s spotlight theme, Innovating an Equitable, Resilient, Sustainable, and Safe Transportation System.

For the 2022 edition, the industry adreessed crucial issues:

– Impact of the pandemic on public transit and aviation usage and changing travel patterns
– Supply chain disruption
– Role of transportation in facilitating global economic recovery
– Transportation’s role in climate change Impact of the infrastructure bill.

Why did HARMONY participate?

HARMONY was represented by the coordinator MaaSLab UCL during the Critical Transportation Infrastructure Protection session on Monday, January 10, presenting the paper COVID-19 Impacts on Transport Policy Priorities: Barriers and Opportunities for Sustainable Urban Mobility Planning.

Researchers Maria Kamargianni, Christina Georgouli, Luciano Pana Tronca, and Emmanouil Chaniotakis  from submitted this paper, wich attempts to shed light to two key questions: a) how transport planning priorities have changed after Covid-19 outbreak; b) how can the planning phases be strengthened to support a more resilient planning environment? 

The analysis of the conducted interviews revealed that most of the actions adopted to accommodate the prioritised planning objectives were already defined before Covid-19, indicating that the pandemic has acted as an accelerator of specific existing planning objectives. Indicatively, several authorities declared that the pandemic offered an opportunity for active transport to be promoted.

Have a look at the presentation and keep following HARMONY on Twitter and LinkedIn to stay updated with its next developments and events.