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HARMONY at SIL Barcelona

  • Harmony 

Enide presented Harmony at the Salón Internacional de la Logística y de la Manutención in Barcelona on 27th June 2019.

What is SIL?

SIL (Salon Internacional de la Logística y de la Manunención de Barcelona) is the leading exhibition for logistics, transport, intralogistics and supply chain in Southern Europe. It takes place every year in Barcelona, Spain. According to their dossier, the 21st edition in 2019 hosted more than 650 companies, 250 events and 200 speakers from all over the world. Enide presented its project at the stand jointly organised by the Logistic Cluster of Catalonia and PIMEC.

The joint stand of Logistic Cluster of Catalonia and PIMEC at SIL Barcelona.

Why did Harmony participate?

Apart from representing a platform for exchanging knowledge and insights related to the logistics and transportation sectors, SIL Barcelona also bridges Northern and Southern European countries, as well as Latin America, Northern Africa and Middle-East. As such, Harmony participated as a successful examples of international cooperation under Horizon2020 towards a more sustainable logistics and transport systems. More specifically, Harmony will provide new spatial and transport planning tools to enable a sustainable transition to a new mobility era.

Annarita Leserri from ENIDE presenting HARMONY at SIL Barcelona 2019

Additionally, SIL stood as a privileged occasion of interacting with a targeted professional audience: policymakers, service providers, industries and associations in the field logistics, transportation, infrastructure, e-business, etc.

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