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The Next Generation Mobility in Turin

Torino Urban Lab presented the HARMONY’s innovations in Turin, Italy during the Next Generation Mobility event.

What is Next Generation Mobility?

Next Generation Mobility is a high-level event bringing together local authorities, companies, and universities presenting innovative mobility technologies and services in Turin.

During three days, participants joined lively debates and networking opportunities to foster sustainable, intermodal, safe, and accessible mobility for all. 

Why did HARMONY participate?

HARMONY is simulating some of the Model Suite specific strategies and scenarios in the Metropolitan City of Turin. The Turin pilot goals within the HARMONY project are focused on the territorial impacts generated by the new public transport infrastructure (such as the new metro line) and the new MaaS mobility paradigm on the Turin Urban Functional Area, with particular reference to its integration with the Metropolitan Railway System (known as SFM).

During Next Generation Mobility, Andrea Marella from Torino Urban Lab presented the HARMONY Model Suite in Turin during the opening session on 18th May. The example of Turin shows how the HARMONY Model Suite will enable local transport authorities to lead the transition to a new mobility era by enabling them to implement innovative spatial and transport planning tools in their territory. Check his presentation for more details.

Torino Urban Lab also presented HARMONY during a panel discussion on the closing day to join the debate about mobility in Turin at the metropolitan, regional and European level.

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