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HARMONY among the Majors Cities of Europe

  • Harmony 

E-Trikala presented HARMONY’s demonstration of drones delivering medicines to citizens at Major Cities of Europe (MCE) on 14th October 2021.

What is MCE?

The Major Cities of Europe (MCE) conference has been a fixed date on the calendar for over thirty years and is recognised as the pre-eminent European conference focused on leading edge transformation and technological innovation in local government. The conference explores the contribution technology can bring to sustainability, and how to effectively manage cybersecurity threats, examining both today’s good practice and the leadership and competences to take us to the next level.

Why did HARMONY participate?

Elena Patatouka from E-Trikala presented the HARMONY’s demonstration of drones bringing medicines to elderly people in Trikala, Greece. HARMONY demonstrations with drones are an example of how Urban Air Mobility can help local authorities succeed in the post-COVID transformation of urban and regional mobility.

Have a look at the presentation and keep following HARMONY on Twitter and LinkedIn to stay updated with its next developments and events.